Tuesday, May 22

Words of wisdom from a three year old

Raffae broke one of his crayons this morning. When I tried to peel the paper away to get to the broken end, he screamed "Mommy, you can't peel it! It's not a BANANA!!!!" :-D

Friday, May 18

The Awful Truth

I went to the doctor last week. The assistant who came to check my pulse, blood pressure etc asked how tall I was and I said 5’2”. She looked at me and said lets measure you. I stepped under the measurement tape with a little smirk on my face. Then she said “Well, you are actually 5’ 1.5”. I guess you always round it up.”

Three things:
1) I swear on my kids I don’t remember rounding it up! My sister and I used to measure ourselves a lot growing up to see who is taller. We were always just about the same height and she always wanted to claim that she was taller. (She still is not btw). I know I am 5’ 2”
2) What does it matter even if I am .5” shorter? How does that affect my health?!
3) I guess I lied to Tanveer also. Baby, I am .5” shorter. Is that ok with you?

Monday, May 7


Anyone remembers my resolution earlier this year to get in touch with my friends? Well, I think I can safely check it off as DONE and it’s only May!!!!!!!!! :-) How it happened you ask? To begin with, I finally joined Facebook. (The average age of Facebook users also jumped up I hear the day I joined!! Hehehe…) An old high school friend found me from a group I became member of. Through him, I got in touch with two other friends! Saw their kids’ pictures, exchanged emails, even talked on the phone!

Couple of weeks ago, I got an email from a friend who saw my email address from another friend’s mass email and took the time to write to me. Glad to say, we are emailing each other regularly.

Then last week, I was in Dallas for work. I knew another friend from elementary days lives in Texas, but I wasn’t sure which city. Turned out she is in Dallas and I absolutely had to see her!!! Her kids are adorable. I’ll have to figure out how to post videos on here so I can show you the little dance number one of the kids performed for me!!! From my friend, I got the phone numbers for two other friends. I was able to talk to one of them and I am planning on calling the other one soon.

Remember that little rhyme that goes:

Make new friends
Keep the old
If these are silver
Those are gold

Whoever coined that rhyme knew from experience what he/she was talking about. Old friends are the best. I met some of these friends after like 15/19 years and it felt like we never lost touch.

There is one other friend in Bangladesh that I need to get it touch with. That’s my next project.