Saturday, March 23

Calculator Trick

Raffae's class celebrated "Electronics day" the other day - its an incentive for kids to be on their best behavior and being able to bring an electronics to school one day. Sadly, most everyone comes to school armed with a Nintendo DS and spends the time playing with it. Raffae doesn't have a portable game device and was almost in tears that he doesn't have anything to bring to school and no one is going to share their DS with him. He wanted me to give him my iPad which was absolutely not happening! So I thought why not find some cool math tricks that he can use a calculator for and I had a feeling, it would tickle his nerdy side. I found some cool math tricks and showed them to him and he was in heaven! Now what I didn't show him is below! Try it out, won't you!!?? :-) .

(Type all the numbers in the parenthesis on your calculator)

There was this girl she was (13) years old. she wore bra size (84). she wanted to wear size (45). so She went to the doctor and he said (0) take these (2)(X) a day. She took them (4) times a day. and she ended up...

turn your calculator upside down to see the answer. Works best with regular calculator fonts. I know! I have a weird sense of humor! :-)

Thursday, March 21

Lesson Learned

Went to Starbucks this morning on my way to work to get my coffee. I always ask for "Tall, regular coffee with room for milk" and they always give it to me full to the brim. As I was diligently pouring out some of the coffee in the trash can to make room for milk, the barista looked at me and said "Next time, ask to pour the coffee in a Grande cup so you don't have to waste good coffee."

I am in utter shock over all the good coffee I poured out over the years!

Wednesday, March 20


I ADORE Sarah Jessica Parker, but this article just might have put a chink in the statue.

Sarah Jessica Parker reveals perils of cheap shoes

She can obviously afford the finer things in life, but to talk about it openly while the women going to watch her film is actually wearing the "cheap shoes" she is bad-mouthing - not a good strategy. On the other hand, that explains the sixth toe on my left foot! 

Tuesday, March 19

New Project

It is supposed to be a loop scarf. This pic was taken couple of days ago. I have about 2 more inches now. :-)

Wednesday, March 13

Ask Who I Am, Not What

Just recently, I had a conversation with a friend who said even though she was born and brought up in USA, she constantly gets asked "Where are you from?", not "What is your ethnic background?". Her offense? The color of her skin. When I heard about the Race Card Project on NPR this morning, I thought of that conversation first. Listening to some of the stories that have been collected over the past two years for the project, I was reminded of this incident. We are lucky that we live in a diverse community and I truly believe no one around me is biased by race, but then there are those little things people say that gets me once in a while. At International Night at kids school, we made a poster for weddings in Bangladesh. Someone asked "Where's the elephant?" Err...not all weddings have elephants! Actually, I dont think I've been to any weddings that had elephants! If you are going to use Indiana Jones movies as your sole cultural reference to South East Asia, I don't have much to say to you! Then there's always the "How did you learn to speak English?" In Bangladesh, by going to school once I was done fetching water and food from the jungle! Thank you very much! How do we break down these cultural barriers? There are people I know who are very interested to know about my background and they are not afraid to ask questions. They are truly the minority. May be its time I volunteer to the PTA and start a open discussion on Diversity among parents. I truly believe its much better with our kids. They are growing up in a multicultural environment and they accept that different people have different backgrounds, stories. Raffae's class just did a project on immigration and I thought that was very cool. We need more projects like that on a bigger scale!

My Six Word Story:

Judge me once you know me

Friday, March 8

Hairy Situation!

Zoya tells me the other day that she doesn't like the fact that she is the only girl in her class who has hair on her arms! My dad's side of the family is a hairy brood and I guess I have passed it down to her! I alone have kept many a different beauty product companies in business by getting rid of unwanted hair over the years, but she is too young to be starting now! Or is she? I told her she is too young to be starting these type of things at second grade when she informed me one of her classmates gets her hair dyed blonde! Really?!?! Why?!? In second grade?!?! Wow! However, I'm still not budging. I've removed my razor from the shower so she all of a sudden doesn't put two and two together. I don't think she knows about the other products I have under the sink. Lets see how long I can hold her off!

What do you think? Too early? (She is 8) When did you start? (I got my first threading done at 18!!!!) What was the first thing you tried?

Thursday, March 7

And I am back...............

I've been itching to come back to blogging for a while now. Had a little down time today and thought why not start today. Its been a while - some things are still the same, some has changed for the better I hope. The kids have grown into little (pre) tweens, hubby is doing well. I like to think I've matured over the last couple years while I have been gone from the blog world. Celebrated the big 40, feel calmer, very comfortable in my own skin :-), have friends and family I am proud of, reading again now that I don't have diaper duty anymore! A good place to be in and I am grateful for that.

So, if you are a new reader, here's an ABC Meme on myself. If you are a follower/subscriber, here's to refreshing your memory!

A. Age: 41
B. Bed Size: Queen
C. Chore you hate: Tidying up!
D. Dogs: Not a dog fan. Not a cat fan either. Not a pet fan. Period!
E. Essential Start to the day: My cup of tea
F. Favorite Color: Black and White
G. Gold or Silver Jewelry: Silver
H. Height: 5'2"
I. Instrument you play: Does Harmonium count?
J. Job Title: Applications Development Analyst
K. Kids: Two. Son - Raffae. Nerdy, omnivourous reader, cub-scout, video game afficionado. Daughter - Zoya. Drama queen, very good at drawing, future pianist, omnivorous eater, video game afficionado (kicks raffae's butt pretty regularly)!
L. Live: Maryland and love it
M. Movie I last watched - Silver Lining Playbook (in theatre), 5 Year Engagement (on tv)
N. Nicknames: Lubna, Vejal, Buno
O. Overnight Hospital Stays: 8 years ago when Zoya was born. Didn't sleep a wink the whole night cause drama queen was in full blown performance mode!
P. Pet Peeves: When people don't put things back to its original place after using
Q. Quote from a movie: Err...Expelliarmus!!!!!
R. Reading (currently): Swallows of Kabul by Yesmina Khadra
S. Siblings: One. Sister. Canada. Two cute nephews
T. Time it takes you to get ready: Without shower - 10 minutes, with shower - 30 minutes
U. Ultimate Vacation: What can I say. I love travelling. Every time I get to go to a new place and experience the culture is my ultimate vacation!
V. Vegetable you hate: None really
W. What makes you run late: Kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
X. X-Rays you have had: Do sonograms count?
Y. Yummy food that you make: Lot of things :-) I'm a decent cook
Z. Zoo animal: Giraffae? Panda? Dolphin? Lion? I dont know. I'm not a pet person, but I like going to zoos!

Learrn anything new? Did any answer surprise you? I'd love to read your ABC meme if you have a blog or you can leave a comment with your answers!