Thursday, May 24

She has a point!

So Zoya doesn't want to shower today. When I told her she doesn't have a choice, she went into the bathroom and slammed the door. I made her open the door and asked her why she slammed the door. Her answer: "I read in National Geographic that you are more likely to be in a bad mood on a Thursday. Today is Thursday. So I must be in a bad mood"! Kids!!!

Saturday, May 19

Leave the girl alone!

Never did I think I'd write about Aishwarya Rai, let alone defend the beauty queen. She had been vilified in the indian press recently about her weight gain during her first pregnancy. I heard there is a video up on youtube with her post-pregnancy images where they used an elephant stomping sound in the back. Really?! I can understand people raising an eyebrow when they see her now, after all, the girl used to look like a goddess!
But to actually call her out in public like that is just shameful! The first days of motherhood is a special time. She should be doting on the gorgeous baby girl she has. If she wants to take her time to lose the weight, leave her alone people! She finally looks human, feels human, let her be human.