Sunday, November 24

The Walking Dead Sunday

While we are waiting to find out what the governor is really up to, here are some links to keep us busy:

Funny Collection of The Walking Dead Memes

Walking Center - Meme Center

Saturday, November 23

The Perfect Riding Boot

I finally found it! My closet is always missing something or other. Recently, I've been feeling the need for a casual pair of boots that I can throw on over the weekend to run errands, take the kids to their activities when its bone-chillingly cold outside. I perused all the usual websites, but came out empty handed. Until today! I was at the mall earlier today. My mall adventures, yes adventures, are usually short. I know what I want and I go straight to the specific store I have in mind, grab what I need and leave. As I was on my way out, trying not to bump into gazillion women that were crowding next to the MAC counter - they had some sort of special event going on - I decided to walk through the shoe department to the exit. And just like that, my eye caught the perfect pair of brown leather riding boots.

Isn't she a beauty?! :-) Can't wait to try them on tomorrow! 

Thursday, November 21

So ..........

Thinking about coming back to the blogworld. Stay tuned!