Monday, June 10

With tears in my eyes

A close friend's father passed away this morning. He was one of those fathers who was always approachable and was always so loving towards us. My friend's house was right behind our college and we would go to her house during lunchtime or after class. He would always greet a whole gang of us with a big smile, inquire about our families, feed us forcibly. Once I moved to US, the few times I saw him, he would ask about my life here and tell me stories of his time in Texas during Grad school. That's where our personal encounters stopped, but I have known my friend and her two sisters since kindergarten days. These three beautiful girls that called him Abba - looking at them, I can tell he was a wonderful father who championed his daughters to become strong women. I am sure he was a great grandfather, husband, brother, uncle, friend. His sincerity touched everyone who came in contact with him and everyone is going to miss him terribly. Jahangir uncle, I know you were suffering a lot lately, we still were not ready to let you go. Please keep an eye on us from up above, because without your watchful eyes, we feel lost. We are grown-ups now, we are meant to be independent, but who are we kidding!?! We would always be "Daddy's Little Girl" in our hearts. My heart goes out to my friend for her loss. Stay strong my dear! He is going to be looking out for you from a better place.