Friday, November 30

Phanatics and Phools

Well "Phools" just looked good with "Phanatics". I meant "Fools". Anyway, what is the world coming to? Here are two stories that caught my eye this morning.

I don't think 7-8 year olds really know a lot of names beside their friends' names and I am going to bet anything that a lot of kids in that classroom has the name "Mohammed". I would have thought it was cute that they wanted to call the Teddy Bear Mohammed! But obviously some people are just way too sensitive about religion.

And that stupid guy. I really don't want to think about the offsprings he is going to produce/have produced and their intelligence levels.

Done with my bitching for the day. How are you all doing?

Wednesday, November 7

Random Observations

I have been travelling quite a bit recently for work, vacation. Here are some random observations from airports and planes.

  • I saw an older gentleman at the airport the other day with a big Charlie Chaplin face on his socks!!!!!! How cute! I wanted to take a picture of it!

  • I can't quite my finger on it but I really liked the Detroit airport. I was also intrigued to see all the signs at the airport displayed in multiple languages, including one that looked like Korean?!

  • I like watching the shadow of the plane during landing. The shadow gets bigger and bigger and then all of a sudden it just thinks "enough already!" and hurries up and catches up with the plane. With a jolt (literally), you realize the plane has touched down!

  • I found out you can buy a book at a chain store at the airport, read it and return it (with the original receipt) within the next six months for 50% money back. How cool is that?!

  • I like the restroom stall doors at Chicago O'Hare and Midway which start from the floor.