Monday, January 27


Yes, yes! I've been bitten by the Sherlock bug too. What a bromance! Has to be TV's greatest bromance of all time. The chemistry between Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman is perfect, the rest of the supporting cast also fit their character to the tee. I love how they use technology!! It's set in the 21st century, yet they are following the storyline quite nicely. Every single character is well developed. I can't decide who I like more!! Can't wait to watch the next season!

Thursday, January 23

Curvy and Beautiful

This, that and other led me to an article on Yahoo about a plus sized lingerie model who has cancer and is still modeling despite her bald head, scars. I somehow missed the "Plus size" part of the title and thought  what's so different about bald head!! Alek Wek is a bald supermodel. I still went ahead and clicked on the link and saw her picture. What I am really impressed with is the lingerie company! That's quite ballsy of them to have a real woman with not so perfect curves, visible surgery scars as model. I'll have to check out their website.  

Tuesday, January 7

What to do with old cards

I don't know about you, but I HATE throwing away cards I get from family and friends! Over the years, I have accumulated quite a collection! I am also into recycle and reuse mode nowadays and this morning, I started thinking maybe I can scan the cards I want to keep and then figure out something to do with the cards themselves - maybe make gift tags out of the cards, or postcards. Then I thought I'd ask good, old google what it thinks I should do with cards. Among the usual, this one URL caught my eye. Turns out St. Jude's Hospital takes donations of old cards year around and then they turn it into new cards! What a great idea! I'm sending all my cards their way. Won't you?