Monday, June 30

Space junk

I was driving the other day and wasn’t really paying attention to the radio. Something must have caught my ears and I started listening to the interviewer talking to some Hillary supporters, asking them if they are ready to support Obama. This one guys says something like “I don’t trust Osama, I mean Obama. I’m sorry. Their names are very similar. His middle name is Hussain. He used to live in a Muslim country. I am just not sure if I can trust someone like that.” I swear I wanted to hurt this guy violently. I mean seriously! How can you be this close minded?! As far as I am concerned, you are occupying valuable space on this earth. Could I please hurl you out of this earth into the vast space where you can be just space junk?!

Monday, June 16

Weekend Frolickings

Our local shopping center opened a Coffee shop and we have been meaning to take the kids there to see how they behave! So on Saturday morning, put some coloring books, crayons, books etc in a bag and took the kids there! They LOVED it and were content to sit there on the couch/rug and color! At one point, Zoya was laying on the couch with her feet propped on the back of the couch, eating her apple! Looked very comfy! :-)

Then we went back home, filled up the small backyard pool/slide combo my sister sent for the kids and let them play in there for a while. We have had trouble with getting Zoya into the pool in the past, cause she thinks the pool is just an extension of the bathtub and wants to take off ALL her clothes when she gets to the pool! So when we saw that she was happily playing in the small pool, we decided to take the kids to the community pool. She just jumped right into the pool and never came out! She was in 2.5 feet of water, floating holding one of those foam noodle thingy! Raffae has been going to the pool for the past two years and still can't float! She is just such an daredevil! I should also mention that she was wearing a mickey mouse swimming trunk and nothing else. So a lot of people thought she was a boy! :-P I couldn't get her to wear any of the pink/yellow girls swim suits!!!!!! So I got her the trunk thinking she would probably wear this since she loves Mickey Mouse. Now she refuses to wear anything else, even a top! LOL

I then went to a co-worker's wedding reception which was fun, cause I got to dress up and all my non-desi co-workers were completely at awe at my saree!!!!!!!! I am such an attention hogger!

On Sunday, we got up late and went to a birthday lunch party. Within two minutes of arriving there, Zoya got hit on her nose by a frisbee! It was ugly! There was blood everywhere and I had to spend the rest of the time there, trying to placate her! I was just glad her nose was ok!

So didn't do anything this weekend as far as laundry, cooking etc is concerned but did have loads of fun and the weekend just ended way too quickly!

Monday, June 2

This I believe

This piece made me cry. Seriously.

Read and listen here

She might never know it, but I am so very proud of this young lady.