Friday, April 5

Link I am loving today

Stumbled on this website somehow. Absolutely adorable!

You are my wild

Monday, April 1

Things that should not be discussed at work

We all know not to discuss religion, sex life, politics, money issues, health issues at work. Imagine my discomfort when I overhear a co-worker discussing bowel movement on the phone! Read on for more details!

I had to go to DC last week for a work meeting. I don't go to the DC office all the time. We have what we call "hotel cubes" for situations like this. So I'm sitting at my hotel cube with some other people that i don't know occupying nearby cubes. This guy starts chatting on the phone with someone. I'm usually very good at tuning out other people's conversation. This conversation however went on for a while and I started paying attention to what is being said. This is how the conversation went down:

Co-worker: "she has been constipated since the weekend! "
Co-worker: "no, it's not helping. I was sitting right next to her and I could tell she was in pain!"
Me thinking "TMI to be discussing at work"

Then I got busy with work. In between, I kept hearing "I don't want her to be girly. I want her to be playful"I
Me thinking "oh lord! Is he going to start discussing his sex life now!!??"

Co-worker: "she tries to grab my hand!"
Me thinking: maybe I need to take a walk to the kitchen! Oh I got it! I'll put on my headphone and pretend I'm listening to songs or something!

Co-worker: "love you mom! You should come soon to visit your new granddaughter"
Me thinking: "I seriously need to get my mind out of the gutter!!!!!!!"

Funny Car Sticker

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a weird sense of humor! That weird sense of humor was tickled pink this morning seeing this sticker on the car in front of me ;-)