Friday, December 30

My Marriage

My marriage has been taking the proverbial back seat for the last three years almost! We went through two pregnancies, new jobs, longer commutes, two moves, Zoya's surgeries, my father's death, my somewhat depression, and now the kids! We hardly have any time to spend with each other! We used to be called "joined at the hip", and now we barely get to do the things we used to enjoy together. Hopefully 2006 will be the year where we will get our acts together and take some of our life back from those adorable little pests! :-P

Any volunteers for babysitting??

Monday, December 19

Funny little guy

My friend Jill's four year old son Logan is hilarious!! When I say hilarious, I mean hilarious! He says the funniest things and delivers them like a pro!! Logan took a good look at his weewee the other day and was convinced his was broken! (He is circumcised). This is the conversation between Jill and Logan that followed this incident:

Logan: (screaming) mommy it's broken! Fix it!!
Jill: (Dying from all her effort to not laugh in front of Logan) It's ok Logan. It's not broken.
Logan: Is it going to grow back?

He was crying so hard that he was shaking. Then after Jill told him it would indeed grow back he whimpered his little "oookkaaayy"

A typical guy in the making if you ask me!!!!!!!!

Then, yesterday, he went to see Santa. Jill asked him later what he asked for. He said, "I asked santa for an umbrella but he didnt give me one!"

Watch out Chris Rock! Your days are numbered!

Friday, December 16

The Oprah Show

After Zoya's surgery, I was very very depressed. Then when I lost my father, I felt like I was losing my grip on reality. I was very upset, depressed, sad, angry at the unfairness of life. I had watched this episode of Oprah show one day when I was home. Seeing Carolyn on the show, what she had been through and to see how upbeat she still was, how strong she was, made me think twice about myself. I felt so small compared to her. Here I am drowning in my sorrow, when there are so many others with bigger problems in their lives, yet at the same time in full control of their lives! I started watching Oprah show to remind me from other peoples lives that I still have a lot more to be thankful for and maybe I can do something to help these people who really need help. Before, I'd watch something on tv, or read about something and think I need to do something for them. But soon, I would have moved on to other stories or another webpage forgetting all about the misery of women in Ethiopia suffering from Fistula. I usually don't make new year's resolution. But this year, I'm thinking I'm going to change/start some things in my life. One of them is volunteering at the Shady Grove Hospital. I hardly have any time with a full-time job and two kids. But if I can go for two hours over the weekend, I think it would make me feel a lot better than sitting on the couch and watching tv would do.

Monday, December 12

Post Secret at Terps Territory!

Scroll down to the email section!! :-D

Go Terps!!
My acvievements this year (so far!)

There's still some breath left in this year you know! ;-) Anyways, as I was reading Simika's recent post, I started thinking what did I do this year. I was mostly coming up with failures/haphazard attempts. So just like Simika, I think I need a disclaimer first!!

Disclaimer: I deny doing anything wrong. No pet has been injured in this process. Plants are a differnt story. Please don't try this at home.

  • Taught Raffae shapes, letters, numbers, names of things, some manners(!).

  • Taught Zoya to play peekabo, clap.

  • Started cooking regularly again.

  • Finally lost some of that pregnancy weight.

  • Started this blog.

  • Started watching Oprah regularly.

  • Started to read again.

  • Kept Tanveer off of rice for almost two weeks! Now that's an achievement if I may say so myself! ;-)

  • Kept myself somewhat sane.

Am I forgetting anything?

Wednesday, December 7


She is the drama queen. She drops down on the floor and cries if Raffae gets the milk bottle before she does! She pulls Raffae's hair whenever he passes by her royal throne (the highchair). As soon as a show is over on tv and the credentials come up, she takes her pacifier out of her mouth, looks at us and goes "uh!". That means, put the next dvd/tape in right NOW! She looks at me out of the corner of her eyes whenever she sees the fridge door open and then lunges for the ketchup bottle which is kept on one of the shelves on the fridge door. I can stare at her all day long. Her eyes, her smile, her cheeks, her little feet, her toes, her hair. I can't believe sometimes that she is my little girl, that she grew up inside of me. How can I create something so perfect!

Friday, December 2

Slates's Pictures of the Day

Now this is something you don't see everyday!! :-)
Forbes Fictional 15 Richest Character

Interesting read!! Thanks to Billie for sending this link my way.