Friday, October 19

A night of furious writing

I opened blogger to write a new post. Raffae saw the webpage, recognized it I guess and asked me to show him his birthday story! Then he wanted to write another story. He started telling me his story and before I knew it, he had three stories for me!

Something is missing in the house
By Raffae

Raffae, mommy, Zoya and nanu were missing in the house. They went to work. It's a ghost. There was a ghost in the house that said, "Boo!!!!!!". It had a dangerous teeth. It bite someone. It was a little ghost. Then he bite the little ghost. Then happily ever after. The end.

Raffae won the race
By Raffae
Raffae is driving the racing car. Then he raced, he raced, he raced, he raced, he raaaaaaaaaaaaaccccceeeeeeeeeeddd. The color of the car was red. Then I won the trophy.

Zoya story
Zoya was playing. Then she got a Zoya car. She loves it. She loosed it. Then she lost it. But the ghost ate it. Then it got broken. But, but, but he ate the doll. It doesn't have more batteries. The ghost ate the batteries. Then the batteries and the car and the doll went to the ghost's tummy. It was good for the ghost. Then Zoya got another car. She got another pink car. She loosed it again. The ghost ate it again. The end.

Conversation at this point:
Tanveer: How about a papa story?
Raffae: No we are doing kids story
Me: So Raffae what is your next story about?
Raffae: How about a story about a blue car?
Me: We did a car story already
Raffae: How about a purple car story?
Tanveer and me together: No more car stories.
Raffae: (really excited) How about a truck story! I love that truck story.

So here's the truck story!

The truck was going. Then there was a kid. His name was Raffae. Raffae was driving a truck. Then the truck went faster and faster. The end.

I love these evenings! Before I know it, they will be all grown up and gone to college!

(The stories are typed just as the author dictates them. No corrections have been made.)

Monday, October 8

A life-changing experience

Tanveer and I went to BODIES The Exhibition on Saturday. I could probably talk about the exhibition for hours! Here is a bullet point list of things that mesmerized, entertained me:

• It was breath-taking to see the supposedly 60,000 miles of veins and arteries running through the body. What they did is they injected red liquid silicone into the whole vascular system and let it harden, Then they took away the rest of the body leaving an intricate, mind-boggling human shaped concentration of blood vessels. I am sure the lighting added to the final effect, but it was cool to see how each drop of blood can pass through the heart once in every 60 seconds!

• I knew about the three tiny bones in our middle ear, but I couldn’t believe my eyes that those miniscule things on display in front of me are what makes it possible for me to hear my children’s laughter! I love my Malleus, Incus and Stapes!!!!!!!!

• There was one display box that contained the largest organ of the human body. You know what that is?! Skin! It looked gross! It looked like someone had laid out an outfit or something. It looked like you could make a purse or briefcase out it! :-P I am sure I will think about this one next time I am buying something made out of genuine leather.

• Thank GOD I never felt the urge to smoke! To see the pearly white, broccoli looking healthy lung and the blackened lung of a smoker next to each other was quite a shocking experience. No wonder the strategically placed trash box next to the display was filled with cigarette boxes. I hope all those people that did through their cigarette boxes in the trash, do quit smoking.

• I was amazed to see the size of a Uterus. I have no idea how my poor uterus held a 9 pound 3 ounces baby and all the amniotic fluid and whatever else!

• I held a human brain and a heart in my hands………

• Last but not least, the room that displayed stages of embryonic and fetal development. There were cases of embryos in different developmental stage. As early as three weeks old and you could already see the different features of the face, hands and feet. There were cases of fetus where the pregnancy went horribly wrong. It was heart wrenching to see the little bodies. I think I will sit on the fence forever on pro-choice vs. pro-life arguments.

From the day the exhibition started, it has been shrouded by controversies. Yet, I’d say this was one of my most memorable days of my life! It was educational, emotional, and thought-provoking. I think this was THE push I needed to start taking better care of myself. To see how complex the human body is, MY body is, gave me a different perspective on life. As one of the posters on the wall at the exhibition said so aptly “Why wouldn’t you be interested in your body? This is the only thing that you have with you from birth to death”. I hope people can put their prejudices aside and go stroll through the exhibition and maybe learn something new about their bodies.

Friday, October 5

When is getting raped a better option?

The answer is when you are a woman in Darfur! I heard a feature on NPR and also read this article on The Christian Science Monitor about the group known as Elders lead by former president Jimmy Carter that went to Sudan recently. Here is a paragraph from the article:

Some people they visited slipped them notes full of allegations of rape and other abuse by militias aligned with the Sudanese government. The wife of former South African President Nelson Mandela, Graca Machel, told of her meeting with women in Darfur. "The first thing they told us they need security," she said. "They need security. They gave us examples of what happened to them, even graphically, to show how women are being raped, are beaten and are brutalized. I think because they thought we may not get a clear translation, they went at length of using gestures to show us how brutal it was, the kind of assault they are subjected to."

NPR had a more detailed interview with their reporter who was traveling with the Elders. She reported the women said they are raped a lot of times when they go out to fetch wood for their stoves or to get their hands on some food for their family. When asked why the men of the family couldn’t do those chores, the answer was “If the men go, they will be killed. We are just getting raped”.

How horrible is that?

Update: Here is one way you can help. Save Darfur

Wednesday, October 3


Raffae: Ladies are pretty and gentlemen are incredible.
Me: Don't you mean "gentlemen are handsome"
Raffae: Yeah! Gentlemen are handsome and strong!!

Tuesday, October 2

To happy Beginnings

I was close to crying. My chest felt like it will explode anytime now from all the emotions raging inside me. Zoya’s teacher looked at me and asked “How is Mommy doing this morning?” I smiled a proud smile. Today was Zoya’s first day at pre-school.

We have come so far away from that day when we almost lost her. She has grown into a cute little girl who enjoys looking at picture books; loves to listen to music, and sing; enjoys going out; loves food; knows her alphabets, colors, shapes, numbers; loves to get tickled; loves her family. I know she will love this school also. Here is to happy beginnings Zoya. May you go farther in life then you can ever dream of, may you be happy in life doing whatever it is that you want to do. We will always be there for you with all our love and support.