Friday, February 24

Her whole life in two suitcases

They were a young couple with a small child. They rented a room and started their first "shongshar" in Dhaka. That was 1973. Next week, she will be reaching USA with her 36 year old "shongshar", packed in two suitcases. My mom. A teacher. A grandma. A great mother. A widow. I still can't think of her as a widow.

I think relationships between parents and children change as the children enter different stages of their lives. I feel like I never got to know my parents as an adult myself. I left them in 1992, barely out of my teenage years. I didn't spend more then 6 months in a row with them since then. Now I would never have that chance with Abbu. That's why I am really looking forward to my mom spending some time with us. I've heard stories here and there, but this time I want to sit down and ask her questions, get all the details and engrave them in my memory.

Good thing memories don't get put into suitcases.

Wednesday, February 22

Syriana, a wounded chin and motherhood

When Batman came out, George Clooney's mother said he has the sexiest chin in hollywood. From then on, I always look at GC's chin first whenever I see him. However when we went to watch Syriana the other night, there was another chin on my mind - Raffae's.

He ran into the couch right when we were about to leave for the movie. Got a big cut on his chin and was crying. He is such a strong kid that usually when he gets hurt, he just gets up, says "oh sorry" and runs off. So when we hear him crying, we know he got really hurt and its bad!

We had already gotten the tickets, so we left him in my mother in laws capable hands and left for the movie. I was feeling really guilty about it. Then came Syriana. Heart wrenching, disturbing, thought provoking, tear jerking Syriana. Made me feel even more guilty about leaving Raffae behind after he got hurt. Also made me think what kind of a future is ahead for him, for his generation.

Tuesday, February 7

My day today

6:21 - Got out of bed without waking Raffe up.
6:45 - Got out of shower.
7:00 - Made coffee and listened to the morning news.
8:30 - Left for work.
2:30 - Got a call from Fannie Mae. I got the job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D
7:22 - Still can't believe it! :-D I'm very excited about this job. This is something completely new for me. Can't wait till march 13th! I am Fannie Mae's newest Senior IT Policy Analyst! Hehehehehe

The Flying Tomato

I can't wait for the Winter Olympics to start this Friday. Looking forward to seeing the flying tomato in action!! Some time ago, Tanveer and I were watching some show on TV where he was skating down the slope of a mountain! We talked about getting Raffae into something like this when he grows up! Something to channel all the energy he has! Wish us luck!

Monday, February 6

Blog find of the day


Sounds interesting! I think I'm going to try and see if I can remember 365 names from my past! Writing 34 words for each would be hard. Maybe I will refine the laws a little! ;-)

Thursday, February 2

What are you afraid of?

Did you hear about the guy who jumped off of the Empire State Building yesterday!?? My mom always says "If someone is brave enough to jump in front of a train or jump off of a bridge/building to commit suicide, what on earth is there that they can't face?" I totally agree with her. He was quite young, 20 I think. What a loss!