Monday, September 26

Saying bye to Froggie

He lived for seven years. He has been dead for more than seven years. So much was her love for him, that she carried him with her from house to house, in a ziplock bag. He stayed in her freezer for more than seven years, and tomorrow he will be buried in a final resting place. No, this is not a thriller/mystery. It's a real life love story. He is a frog who was my friend's pet. She has finally found a place where she thinks he will be happy, because she is moving away from this area. I know it will be hard for her. I can't be there for his burial, but my dear friend, know I am there mourning Froggie along with you one last time. Froggie was fortunate to have you as a friend, so am I. I'll miss you dearly.


Lucy said...

She kept a dead frog for 7 years?? Wow! I had a fish that committed suicide but I just flushed it.

Zeenat said...

She sure did!!!

Anonymous said...

wowww...mann that is freaky...i mean kinda isn't it? sad, touching but also feaky! She must have really LOVED him.