Tuesday, October 25


Let me introduce you to my friend Angela. We went to University of Maryland together. Even though she is about half my age, we became good friends. She is so funny, so much fun to be with! She made all those boring classes bearable! She has been pestering me ever since I started this blog that why haven't I written about her. Do I not like her anymore? She is watching my blog closely to see how long it takes me to write something about her! Well, she provided me the greatest opportunity today to introduce her to the blog world. Here's the link to a card she sent to me for my birthday! It is soooooo Angela! :-D I loved it Little Girl! Thanks for remembering my bday. When was your bday again!? Did I miss it again this year??!! :-O

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Anonymous said...

Yea! I finally made it to your blog! I hope you had a super happy birthday! Haven't seen you in forever! We need to get together. Sunny got a house too! Everyone has one but me :-( My b-day was back in June! Don't worry!