Thursday, October 13

Lost another friend to Amway!!

We met a couple some times ago and both Tanveer and I really liked them. We thought this was a couple we could hang out with. They seemed to have the same interests as us. They were both witty, smart. Then they started pitching Amway to us. It got so bad one day, that knowing they were calling, we intentionally did not answer the phone. We were closing on our first house ever that Friday, and they wanted us to cancel it to go away to some retreat in PA or NJ or somewhere. Can you believe the gall of these people!! If we were crazy enough to cancel the closing and go there, I am sure we would have more Amway shoved down our throat over the weekend!

Last month, we were all in IKEA when an Indian girl started talking to me. She said she had seen me couple of times at Target that’s close to my work. She noticed me because I look like one of her cousins etc etc. She was couple of months pregnant and was asking me how I handle kids and work. She profusely praised the kids. (I should have known something was up right then and there! Raffae was having a complete meltdown by then and she was saying how quiet and cute they were!!!) I liked her enough to give her my cell phone number and promised that we will meet up for lunch one of these days. She tried to call me twice, and left messages. I was as usual busy with the kids and work and just wasn’t able to call her back. I was feeling really guilty about it too. And then she called me the other night. Luckily the kids were in bed on time that day and I was happy that I’d be able to talk to her. And then she starts talking about this great business opportunity she just found out about and how she immediately thought about me!! Gawd!! Just send a big bolt of lightening and kill me right now!! Note to my friends: I will be green with envy when you do drive around in Jaguars, wearing Rolex watches that you bought from all the money you made from Amway or any other pyramid scheme for that matter, (Have any of you seen those cheesy videos that they make you watch??!! Yes, we even did that for the first couple mentioned!! ), but if you want to stay friends with me, please don't say the "A" word! (Sudden Paranoia) Question to friends: You do want to be friends with me, right?? You haven't been investing all these years to talk to me about Amway one of these days, have you?!?!?!?


tanveer said...

Maybe I am one of those secret Amway agents and maybe I married you just to wheel you into this pyramid scheme.

Katie said...

Amway is AWFUL. I am very bad at saying "no" to people, and it's even worse when they are your friends. I think the creators of the Amway pyramid scheme are satanists.

Anonymous said...

That is horrible. The same thing happened to my parents when they lived on Guam. It was there first time getting a baby sitter and going to dinner at a friends house since we were both born. They got all dressed up and were enjoying the company of other adults when the other couple started "the talk".