Monday, December 12

My acvievements this year (so far!)

There's still some breath left in this year you know! ;-) Anyways, as I was reading Simika's recent post, I started thinking what did I do this year. I was mostly coming up with failures/haphazard attempts. So just like Simika, I think I need a disclaimer first!!

Disclaimer: I deny doing anything wrong. No pet has been injured in this process. Plants are a differnt story. Please don't try this at home.

  • Taught Raffae shapes, letters, numbers, names of things, some manners(!).

  • Taught Zoya to play peekabo, clap.

  • Started cooking regularly again.

  • Finally lost some of that pregnancy weight.

  • Started this blog.

  • Started watching Oprah regularly.

  • Started to read again.

  • Kept Tanveer off of rice for almost two weeks! Now that's an achievement if I may say so myself! ;-)

  • Kept myself somewhat sane.

Am I forgetting anything?


Simika said...

imp question - how did u make tanveer stay off the rice?? (I'm a carbaholic, in my case it's potatoes/pasta and bread ! I eat WAY too much of those things! and cereal too...:( )

so u like to cook too?:)

Zeenat said...

I made him go on South Beach Diet with me!!! :-) Boy, did I pay for it! He was grumpy as hell for the first 5 days. But then he got to that point where he didn't care anymore. Now that he is back to eating carb, he says its easier for him to not overeat as before. It's all that "bhat" that kills us!

Yes, I do love to cook. I make a mean "gorur mangsho"! ;-)

tanveer said...

I had drunken noodle at a Thai restaurant today for lunch. Umm. Umm.. All carb!!! that was good!!!!!

Simika said...

south beach - i should try it - i can't control my carb cravings though :(

gorur mangsho? mmm with aata ruti! I'm looking for someone who can make that the way it's made in Bangladesh, not the ones we get at indian stores here! I've never made gorur mangsho the way deshi way! it always looks tough to do :)

drunken noodle? tanveer - what's drunken noodle exactly? sounds delish!

Katie said...

Wow Zeenat! How old is Raffe? Isaac is 5 1/2 and STILL learning his letters. I just couldn't get him to care about it. He would rather memorize all the thousands of different kinds of Pokemon...

Zeenat said...

Raffae is close to 2 1/2! I have been pointing out letters and numbers to him since I think day one! :-P I mean what else can you to talk to them about!!?? In the last couple of months though, he amazingly started to point out more and more letters. Funniest thing is whenever we pass a church, he points to the cross and says "T"!! :-D Seems like he soon would rather rattle off diff car stats than numbers!

tanveer said...

It's spicy fat rice noodle. Now i dont know how it is different from other spicy fat noodle like Pad Thai. It is really delicious. I love Thai food. I think I'm gonna have to go back to the same place this week, now that I am talking about it.

Anonymous said...

"Tought" ???

Zeenat said...

uh! Doing a spell check is a good thing! Thanks Anonymous!