Sunday, August 20

His first icecream

Raffae had his first icecream the other day! That kid of mine is weird! I mean what kid doesn't like icecream!!!!!!!! Those of you that don't know him, he is by far the pickiest eater I know of! Up until couple of months ago, he only ate things that are white! Yes, you read that right. WHITE! And it has to be crunchy, or atleast solid. No liquid beside milk and water ever went down his throat!! We took the kids to the Zoo over the weekend. I guess he saw other kids eating icecream and felt adventures enough to try one himself! I wish we had taken a camera or something to hold that image forever!!!!


Anonymous said...

hehe i can relate to being a picky eater :) i used to eat only white food too.. :D and it wasnt until MUCH later (like when I was almost 10 or so that I actually ate and liked a hamburger!) so don't go around calling raffae weird! :D

~ Simika

Zeenat said...

I myself was a picky eater, but I wasn't that picky! My mom always says that she waits for that day when Raffae is going to hold a big hamburger with his hands and take a bite out of it! I guess I'll have to let her know that she might have to wait 7 more years for that! :-)

Anonymous said...

Did he venture away from white and have something other than vanilla :)


Zeenat said...