Friday, February 2

Can't wait for July!!!!!!!!!!!

The fifth movie of the Harry Potter series is coming out on the 13th and the last book is coming out on the 21st!!!! Yipeeeeeeeeee!!! Speaking of Harry Potter, anyone seen the pictures of Daniel for his upcoming theatre role? The boy has grown up for sure!!!!! Anyway, going back to July, I think for Raffae's bday this year (which happens to be July 22nd), the theme HAS to be Harry Potter. Hopefully, I'll be done reading the book by then. Otherwise, I'll have to cancel it at the last moment!!!!! I'm sure guests wouldn't like their hostess to be reading during the party!

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Simika said...

you and me both sister!!! my sister's birthday is actually on July 21st - so we've already pre-ordered the book and hopefully it'll be at ours on the same day! :D

OMG I am BEYOND excited!!! when i first heard, I was literally bouncing off the walls (if you don't believe me, you should just see my dented walls as proof!) :D