Thursday, March 22

Rebirth of ZeeNotes??

I have been thinking about ending my blog stint for a while now. The problems are multi-fold:

  • I have no time to update it regularly
  • If I want to update it, I don’t have anything to write about!
  • If I write up a post, it’s just BLAH!
  • No one leaves a comment on my BLAH post, so I don’t really know if anyone is out there reading my blog.

Vain, I know! But I don’t want to write posts for myself only! That’s what diaries are for! I thought I’d post a “The End” on my blog and let it rest in peace. Two things happened today to change my mind:

  • Simika left a comment on my last post asking why I am not updating anymore?
  • I found a link to ZeeNotes on Friends and Daily Reads list on Tasnuva’s blog. Tasnuva, you are brilliant by the way!

Now I can’t let down TWO avid readers of ZeeNotes, can I?! :-P Guys, I'll be back with an amazing picture and a story to go with it very soon. Till then, hang on!

Love to you two for saving ZeeNotes!


Tazzy said...

awww zeenat!
I'm glad you are staying in the blogsphere....but I totally understand the temptation to end it. Been there, done that ;)

You write so well!
I had wanted to add you ages ago...somehow I lost your link.
There definitely are more than two ppl reading your blog- trust me.

Glad you are back.

Simika said...

yeah Zeenat - glad you decided against ending the blog. i think about it all the time. but then again I'm always tempted to restart it too.

Looking forward to your entry with the pictures! :)

Uzma said...

Hey Z Apa - don't stop writing. I thoroughly enjoy, reading your blog. Your write ups are very refreshing. There's another blog I read regularly which is You might like this one too.

Katie said...
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Katie said...

Oops - unfortunate spelling error in that last comment.

What I was trying to say is that ONLY the COOL BLOGGERS have existential crises!!! (Like you and me!)

I don't get to your blog daily, but I do check it regularly and I'm glad you're here.

Virtual hugs...ktz