Tuesday, June 5

Home sweet home

After nine days of almost non-stop driving through torrential rain, sunny weather, scattered showers, cloudy days; throughout which we consumed way too many McDonald’s meals, Tim Horton’s/Starbucks coffee, donuts, chips, apples (Zoya ate three apples one day!), grapes, chanachur, cookies, Chinese food, awesome Indian food (One night in Montreal and one night in Toronto), and of course yummy homemade Biryani, shutki vorta along with other types of vorta; which took us to Centre Island, to African Lion Safari, to Montreal, to BioDome, to the Botanical Garden, to the Olympic Stadium, to visit family and friends; we are back home!

Highlights of the vacation:

  • Raffae became a lion
  • Zoya became known as the "Apple Baby"
  • Raffae loves his cousins and cried for half an hour when we left Toronto.
  • Tanveer is a lean mean driving machine!
  • Raffae drove a car
  • Zoya saw an "Ocean"
  • I got THREE beautiful sarees as gifts!
  • The weather in Montral sucked! Rained! We couldn't walk the city streets to our hearts content
  • My mom found peace in Japanese garden
  • My sister got "Kankles"
  • My mil is in love with Montreal

Stay tuned for pictures!!!!! Hundreds of them! :-D

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Tanveer said...

still recovering from the driving marathon.