Sunday, June 17

The worlds of ZeeNotes and Jiggety Jig finally collided

Finally we got to meet Katie Z and Isaac this weekend! Katie left a comment on Tanveer's blog sometime ago and when Tanveer checked out her blog, he found out we have a common friend! How small is this world! I've been reading Katie's blog ever since. She came to DC last week with her son Isaac (Coolest kid ever! Really funny. Kept us entertained and was very patient with Raffae) and was able to come visit us on Friday. Here are some pics of Raffae and Isaac. They jelled instantly, as if they were separated at birth!

See how they both know how to pose for the camera!

Isaac shared his Gameboy with Raffae

Raffae was worshipping Isaac for letting him play his Gameboy

Isaac very patiently showed Raffae how to play


Katie said...

Yay for the pictures! Our boys are adorable. It was so nice to visit you guys and I really hope we can do it again soon. You have a beautiful family and home. Come to Wisconsin!!!

jeni said...

it's okay. it's a bit sweet, and my stomach starts feeling odd if i eat too much. at least it doesn't smell as badly as a durian.