Friday, August 17

Murphy’s Law prevails

I have called for free tickets to U2, Madonna and some others tour tickets offered by the radio station I listen to on my way home. Usually I never get through. If I do get through, I am usually not the caller 10 (usually that’s the person who gets the ticket). On my way home yesterday, I called and was the caller 10 and got the free tickets – to go see American Idol tour.

Any huge American Idol fan out there that wants to take the tickets off my hand?

P.S. I don't like how my voice sounds!


Rae said...

I am so sorry :) That sounds just like something that would happen to me.

Strawberries said...

did u have any luck giving thme away?

Tasnuva said...

hahaha sounds like my life.

Try posting on craigslist- good for tickets.

Zeenat said...

I actually convinced a co-worker to go with me! :-D