Wednesday, January 2

2007 in pictures

I meant to put this post up on December 31st. Raffae got sick and we also planned a last minute New Years Eve party, so I never got to finish this post ontime. Nonetheless, here are highlights of the clan from 2007.

  • Raffae and Zoya made new friends

  • I met up with friends: old and new.

  • Zoya grew an insatiable appetite for apples!

  • Raffae's accomplishments:

  • Did loads of stuff with the kids

  • We traveled to visit family and new places

  • Had good food!!!

  • It was GREAT to have my mom here with us!

To all the important people in my life, wishing you a wonderful year ahead.


Anonymous said...

what a great post :) love it! - sim

Tasnuva said...

omg what a pretty way to post the lovely lovely pictures :)
Hope 2008 turns out just perfect for you and your family !

Leaf said...

Zee, I didn't realize you had a blog til I just checked my email from you (I'm embarrassed to say) from 2005! Anyway, I can't believe how big Raffae and Zoya are now. They're so beautiful. :) Thnx for sharing! Happy New Year.