Tuesday, March 18

Let’s start with what’s on my mind. Shall we?

Raffae is scheduled to attend Kindergarten orientation in May!! I can’t believe he will be going to school, making friends, going to the cafeteria, making lunch choices, reading, writing – all by himself?! I hope he loves school. He is such a happy child that I know he will. I hope no one picks on him or bullies him!

I am ready for summer, ready for a new job with shorter commute. Need to start applying…….


Simika said...

awww i remember my first day of school like it was yesterday! I started crying after i saw the other kids crying (i thought that's what I was supposed to do!) :) I think my mom was quite disappointed that i was so excited about goign to school. what a nerd i was/am! :)

Raffae will have a blast :)

Tasnuva said...

Welcome back to blogworld Z!
We missed you :(

Aww first day of school...so exciting. I think my nephew is already excited about school with his Dora/something backpack and the kid is barely 3.

*sigh* how quickly they grow up.
Think I can send my cat to a school that'll teach him not to sneak into my parents bedroom, go under the covers and sleep? I get into so much trouble when he does that.