Saturday, March 23

Calculator Trick

Raffae's class celebrated "Electronics day" the other day - its an incentive for kids to be on their best behavior and being able to bring an electronics to school one day. Sadly, most everyone comes to school armed with a Nintendo DS and spends the time playing with it. Raffae doesn't have a portable game device and was almost in tears that he doesn't have anything to bring to school and no one is going to share their DS with him. He wanted me to give him my iPad which was absolutely not happening! So I thought why not find some cool math tricks that he can use a calculator for and I had a feeling, it would tickle his nerdy side. I found some cool math tricks and showed them to him and he was in heaven! Now what I didn't show him is below! Try it out, won't you!!?? :-) .

(Type all the numbers in the parenthesis on your calculator)

There was this girl she was (13) years old. she wore bra size (84). she wanted to wear size (45). so She went to the doctor and he said (0) take these (2)(X) a day. She took them (4) times a day. and she ended up...

turn your calculator upside down to see the answer. Works best with regular calculator fonts. I know! I have a weird sense of humor! :-)

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