Thursday, July 11

Yummy In My Tummy

Funny thing happened last night. I took the kids to Swim Meet and Tanveer went to Club Golf to practice for an hour, then he was going to come over to the swim meet. However, both the kids swam early in the meet and we decided to head back home. I texted Tanveer and told him we were leaving for home. As my car was pulling on to the highway, guess who I see right next to me!!?? Tanveer!!!! We rolled our windows down and started talking to each other. Traffic was really horrendous - bumper to bumper - so we decided to go somewhere for dinner. Tanveer had gone to Joe's Noodle House with a co-worker and have been telling me ever since that I need to go there, so that's where we decided to go.

The food was DELICIOUS!!!!! They have lot of authentic dishes. I decided to try the Spicy Chicken Gizzard as my appetizer and Beef with Spicy Green Long Pepper as my entree. Tanveer ordered a fish dish, I don't remember exactly what it was called. Kids stayed true to their taste buds and ordered chicken noodle soup with vegetables and Wanton Soup. We licked our plates clean!! :-) Go, no run to Joe's Noodle House if you are in the Rockville area.

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