Sunday, February 9

Friendship is ........

- picking up the phone and start talking where you left off last time. It doesn't matter that we haven't talked to each other in months.
- driving out 20 minutes to pick up your friend for a get-together because her car is in the shop
- leaving a fun conversation to go with a friend  driving out 20 minutes to pick up the home-stranded friend
- cooking after work because your friends are coming over for dinner
- leaving  a get-together an hour away from home at 1:30 AM when you are leaving for vacation at 6:00 AM
- meet up for lunch whenever our busy schedules will allow to catch up on anything and everything even though I an not a fan of Payton whom you adore.
- enjoying a glass of red wine while we watch The Walking Dead and text each other with gory details.
- common obsessions I share with my gal pals - netflix, aging, John Abraham, sarees, texting, kids, cooking, working out.

I am so very fortunate that I have all these amazing people in my life! I love you all from the bottom of my heart.

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