Tuesday, September 13

Random Katrina Thoughts

Over the weekend, I was watching last week's Oprah Winfrey shows. She taped her shows in Louisiana and Mississippi. More than one show pictured celebrities helping out Katrina survivors. Watching them hand out food, water, diaper etc to people, I thought why couldn't FEMA be there the next day? Andersoon Cooper seemed able to get to places where survivers had not seen any government presence. Maybe we should give FEMA authority to newscasters.

Even disturbing, though quite funny, was Salmaan Rushdi's comment on NPR this morning. He compared the devastation of Louisiana, the government's feeble relief effort to yearly flood occurences of Bangladesh, my county of origin. Never thought I'd hear US compared to Bangladesh in any way.

Peoples' resilience amaze me though. Listening to people talking about going back to their homes and building their lives back again bring tears to my eyes every time. I wish them all the best.

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tanveer said...

Bangladesh also made news by giving One Million Dollar aid. Bangladesh giving US an aid, that's something I thought I would never hear.