Monday, September 12

Mr. Perfect or Mr. Right?

I'm always trying to get my single friends to meet someone I know or know about!! I've had couple of successes to brag about too!! I was at it last week again when I was trying to convince an ex-worker of mine to meet one of my very good friends. After I went on and on and on about what a great guy he was, and after she saw his picture, she said she needs to think about this.... Ok, that's a polite no. She complained he was bald. Well, he is losing hair and has cut it really short. He is not bald! He still has hair on his head! She said she is not sure if she is attracted to him or not. I think I am at a stage in my life where I know looks aren't everything! It seems so childish to reject someone just because he doesn't have the right looks! I happen to know this guy for a long time and I know how my co-worker is. I think they will get along great. She is just being really anal about it. She is looking for Mr. Perfect, when this guy could be the ultimate Mr. Right for her!! I was getting quite annoyed with all her complaints, when a thought struck me! Who am I to tell her to she settle for Mr. Right? Hey if she keeps on looking, she might actually stumble upon mr. Perfect! I just hope she won't be heartbroken once she finds out Mr. Perfect picks his nose just like everyone else, or has hair where other people don't!!!! :-D

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