Friday, September 9

Want Fuchka!!!!!!!!

We had Indian for lunch today at work. I was looking at the menu half-heartedly; after all, I can make these dishes at home for half the price when my eyes caught something on the appetizer menu!! Chat-papri*. Flashback to 1988. Standing in front of the school gate. Eating Fuchka** from the open cart. Flies buzzing all over the cart. A big truck zooms by and a coat of dust covers the Fuchka mix now. I can swear I saw the Fuchkawala*** scratch himself in couple of unmentionable places and then go back to mixing the Fuchka mix. The Tamarind Water looks like it came from the overflowing drain by the roadside!!!! But boy was that Fuchka good or was it good!!!!! Call me sentimental, but I ordered Chat-Papri. It didn't taste the same and I paid fifty times more for a plate!!!!! Life is not fair!!!!!!!

*Flour crisps, potatoes, chickpeas mixed with tamarind, cilantro, yogart etc.
** similar to Chat-papri. Instead of flour crisps, you get a sort of flour ball. You punch a hole in it, spoon in the mix, top it with watery tamarind chutney.
*** The vendor

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