Monday, October 3

I want to kill her!!!

As you are reading this post, those of you that know what Zoya has been through this year, will appreciate that I wasn't actually at the doctor's office when this conversation took place.

Little background info. Looks like she has another teeth coming out. I can see the tip of the tooth when she opens her mouth. But it's been there for almost a month now and she has been a little cranky about the same. She keeps waking up in the middle of the night and starts crying. She won't lay down in her crib at all. We had to bring her to sleep with us couple of days.

Yesterday, I got a little paranoid and tried to feel the tooth. She won't let me! She screams as soon as I touch that area. And it doesn't feel like a tooth! It's soft. So it could be that she has some sort of infection and the puss is what I am looking at and thinking it's a new tooth coming out. I called the doctor's office this morning to make an appointment for her. Here's the conversation I had with the Nurse.

Me: (After explaining the whole situation) So I'd like to bring her in to just get it checked out.
Nurse: What was her name again? (She pulls up Zoya's record) Wait, she was just here for her one year check up!
Me: Yes.
Nurse: She had this then?
Me: Yes.
Nurse: The doctor saw it and didn't say anything?
Me: I'm sure she also probably thought it was a tooth. That's what it looks like unless you touch it.
Nurse: Is it red and swollen?
Me: No, it's white! I told you it looks like a tooth.
Nurse: I think it's a tooth. Give her some Tylenol.

Do you think I was wrong in thinking that I would really enjoy bashing her head in with the phone?

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mithun said...

bhaggish eita shamnashamni hoyni! tahole............