Sunday, November 27

Death by Chocolate

I've been craving chocolate cake for couple of days now. The more days I go without satisfying my craving, the worse it gets. The fact that I've been home past four days is not helping either. I've been stuffing myself with all kinds of junk I found around the house! I probably gained back a pound or two of the weight I had lost, thanks to all the junk I've been eating! I think I'm going to give in and treat myself to a gooey chocolate cake tomorrow. I know I'll feel sooo guilty afterwards that I'll be good for a month!! I'll concentrate on working off that chocolate cake off my thigh! ;-)

Update: It's 3:17 pm and I haven't given in yet! I found out this morning that I have lost 5 pounds! That bit of a good news was good enough to hold off that craving! ;-)


Harry Potter fanatic said...

i eat a little choco everday. i always av it in da morning though as tht means i'll get da chance 2 work it off 4 da rest of da day.
p.s plz visit my blog and post a comment (after reading the story) on my my charlotte dymond story. i wouldnt mind constructive critism and ways 2 make it better. of course da story might not make tht mych sense as u mite not av read da original balad, but it dont matta.

tanveer said...

oops!!! The choclate cake that I brought today will not help your causes....