Friday, November 25

Battle lost

I was on my way to the clinic when my aunt called me on my phone. She just wanted to know where we were and I knew from her voice that Abbu was not doing well. I let my mom pay the taxi while I ran up the stairs to his room. The doctors were already there, trying to help him. I didn't want my mom to see this. I told my aunt to stop her from coming to the room. She told her that they were changing his dressing and made her sit at the nurses' station. After the doctor's left, I called everyone and told them that it was over. I even talked to Shuvo in US. I didn't know how to tell my mom. I couldn't face her. It was pouring outside. Felt like the old saying was true. When someone good leaves the earth, earth cries for that person. We had lost the battle.

My sister stopped at the clinic before going to work that day and she was so restless at work afterwards, that she decided to take the day off and come back to the clinic. When I called her, she was at her boss's office, telling him that she was leaving for the day. All I said to her was "Asho" (come) and she knew.

When I couldn't put it off anymore, I walked over to the nurses station. As I approached my mom, she looked at me. She knew. She started crying, saying over and over again "What happened? What are you not telling me?" I just hugged her. I couldn't say it to her. I couldn't get the words out of my mouth. That was the hardest day of my life.

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