Thursday, November 17

How well do you know Harry Potter??

Being the Harry Potter nerd I am, I had to post this trivia on the eve of the release of the fourth movie.

Take the Harry Potter quiz

Here's my score:
Thanks for taking our quiz. You answered 100% of the questions correctly.
You are Albus Dumbledore. You are truly the greatest wizard of the age.

:-D :-D :-D


Simika said...

Hi there, I just came across your blog while I was surfing and I guess, you're a big Harry Potter fan :) So I thought u might enjoy this website (I've been playing this all mornig!)

Harry Potter fanatic said...

i am proud to say tht i am an albus dumbledore too. i luved da question about who was the only person who didnt teach D.A.D.A. it woz da only question tht actually made me wait for 3 secs before answering. da others were all easy. i luv da scholastic quiz. did u know u can buy fan things from them. the product is called harry potter funfax and is only £5.99

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