Saturday, November 19

I am absolutely disgusted by the lyrics and the video of this song. Tanveer seems to think if I were offered enough money, I’d do it too, but I honestly disagree. If I were an artist, I’d still have some morals and values left in me.

My lovely lady lumps!!!!!!!! Who comes up with these lyrics!!??

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Harry Potter fanatic said...

i didnt mind dis song tht much untill all da girlz in my sch (i go 2 an all girls sch) started singin and hummin it. if 1 person says 'my luvly lady lumps' again, i'm gonna ring their neck.

i do luv black eyed peas though. i just dont like da fact tht fergi (da only girl in da band(who by da way shouldnt sing live 4 da lack of a good singin voice)is changin da group from a group to a band.

did u c da video 4 dis song. there iz only 2 of dem in da whole fing who r singin. the ova members of da group r just doin absolutely nufin