Friday, December 16

The Oprah Show

After Zoya's surgery, I was very very depressed. Then when I lost my father, I felt like I was losing my grip on reality. I was very upset, depressed, sad, angry at the unfairness of life. I had watched this episode of Oprah show one day when I was home. Seeing Carolyn on the show, what she had been through and to see how upbeat she still was, how strong she was, made me think twice about myself. I felt so small compared to her. Here I am drowning in my sorrow, when there are so many others with bigger problems in their lives, yet at the same time in full control of their lives! I started watching Oprah show to remind me from other peoples lives that I still have a lot more to be thankful for and maybe I can do something to help these people who really need help. Before, I'd watch something on tv, or read about something and think I need to do something for them. But soon, I would have moved on to other stories or another webpage forgetting all about the misery of women in Ethiopia suffering from Fistula. I usually don't make new year's resolution. But this year, I'm thinking I'm going to change/start some things in my life. One of them is volunteering at the Shady Grove Hospital. I hardly have any time with a full-time job and two kids. But if I can go for two hours over the weekend, I think it would make me feel a lot better than sitting on the couch and watching tv would do.

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Simika said...

you have two children under the age of 4, AND a full-time job?! Wow - that's very impressive! :) And like a really full schedule. Your resolution to volunteer sounds great -

ps - i'm glad Zoya's surgery went well.