Monday, December 19

Funny little guy

My friend Jill's four year old son Logan is hilarious!! When I say hilarious, I mean hilarious! He says the funniest things and delivers them like a pro!! Logan took a good look at his weewee the other day and was convinced his was broken! (He is circumcised). This is the conversation between Jill and Logan that followed this incident:

Logan: (screaming) mommy it's broken! Fix it!!
Jill: (Dying from all her effort to not laugh in front of Logan) It's ok Logan. It's not broken.
Logan: Is it going to grow back?

He was crying so hard that he was shaking. Then after Jill told him it would indeed grow back he whimpered his little "oookkaaayy"

A typical guy in the making if you ask me!!!!!!!!

Then, yesterday, he went to see Santa. Jill asked him later what he asked for. He said, "I asked santa for an umbrella but he didnt give me one!"

Watch out Chris Rock! Your days are numbered!


Anonymous said...

What am I going to do with that kid?!

Tazzy said...

Thats quite funny! :D
He sounds adorable.