Thursday, January 5

Damn I am beautiful!!!!

I've finally fixed it! Here are my results from

Yours Truly   Saif Ali Khan
I do look like Saif Ali Khan! Atleast in this picture! I wonder if I put in a different picture where my head is not tilted like his, would myheritage still think I look like Saif the most?! I guess if that means that I look like Sharmila Thakur, I'm ok with that!!!:-P

Yours Truly   Sharon Tate
I think she is absolutely breath taking! I am glad myheritage thinks I look like her in some way!

Yours Truly   Lucy Liu
Hmmm... I always complain about my eyes being slanted! Here's my proof finally!

Yours Truly   Madhuri Dixit
Whoa!!! I think she is one of the most beautiful woman in India! I have been told by a guy who had a MAJOR crush on me since 4th grade, that I look just like Madhuri!! I ofcourse thought he was just making it up. Maybe I shouldn't have thrown away all the letters he used to write to me! Or read them out loud to my friends!!

Yours Truly   Diana
Need I say more! Not sure why heritage thinks I look like her though!!

Yours Truly   Liza Minelli
If this is how I am going to look when I age, then I want all the plastic surgery and botox and what not!!!!

Yours Truly   Wesley Clark
I think my brain looks like his! ;-)

Other honorable mentions are Catherine Deneuve, Shirley Temple, Gwyneth Paltrow! I think there's a big flaw in their code somewhere, but I'm not complaining!


Katie said...

He he he! How FUN! Your eyes are not slanted...but you do resemble Lucy Lui in some way. Cheekbones, maybe. You are very pretty Zeenat! You should post that picture in your profile.

Lula said...

I can't belive they didn't chose Salma Hayek as someone you resemble. I really think you look like her. You are to freakin adorable :)