Thursday, January 5

Zeenat 101

1. I am full of contradictions.
2. I've never broken any bones.
3. I was a sprinter at high school.
4. Lugging the kids around is pretty much all the exercise I get nowadays.
5. I've taught myself to cook.
6. I love cross-stich projects.
7. I sometimes think out loud.
8. I like watching chick flicks every once in a while.
9. I wish I didn't care about what other people think about me.
10. I don't have too many friends, but I do have some great friends.
11. I think of my father everyday.
12. I am an early-riser.
13. I can't swim or ride bicycles.
14. I feel dumb around some people.
15. Putting pineapples on pizza should be outlawed.
16. I never had a dollhouse. I still want one.
17. I want to grow my hair really long but never have the guts to.
18. I love dill pickles with my sandwich.
19. I want to learn knitting, crocheting from my mother.
20. I want to be physically fit without any effort on my part! ;-)
21. I read more than one book at a time.
22. I am a big Harry Potter fan.
23. Celebrities that I think are extremely sexy: Pierce Brosnan, Ralph Finnes, Bono, Heath Ledger, Ajay Devgan
24. I've never been to any casinos.
25. I love kissing my kids on their noses.
26. I cry watching movies/documentaries/news/talk shows.
27. I cried all night after 9/11.
28. Even though I respect their decision, I do not understand how someone can decide to not have any children.
29. I used to watch Young and the Restless regularly.
30. When I was in 4th grade, the boy who lived next door, showed me some porn images. I used to avoid him. We became good friends years later.
31. I look like my father.
32. I was a goody two shoes back in middle school.
33. Over a period of one year, I dated an american, two pakistanis and a bangladeshi guy.
34. I own more shoes than clothes.
35. I am not much of a chocolate or icecream person.
36. Tanveer proposed to me in a bookstore, without the ring. I accepted.
37. A lot of people don't know that I was married once before.
38. I am happy in my marriage.
39. I smile a lot.
40. I type properly on IMs with the right cases in the right places.
41. I can't save money to save my life.
42. I should have studied something other than Computer Science.
43. I am scared of roller coasters.
44. I sometimes feel like I am an unfit mother.
45. I can be very stubborn at times.
46. I am clean, but messy.
47. I hate houses that are always tidy.
48. I think Bono has the sexiest voice ever.
49. I can say one whole sentence in Spanish: El drive-through es para clientes solamente.
50. I love crossword puzzles.
51. I think my best feature is my skin.
52. I love chocolate cakes!!!!!!!
53. I admire successful, intelligent women.
54. I wouldn't mind living in Manhattan if I could afford a penthouse in the city.
55. I once stole a book.
56. I am a converted coffee drinker.
57. My mom had Eclampsia when she had me. She was unconcious for three days and wasn't aware of my existence until I was three days old!!!!!!!!
58. Some people say my sister and I look like twins. I disagree.
59. I came to US in 1992.
60. I am a beer girl. White Russian too.
61. I want to learn to cook all types of food.
62. I believe in karma.
63. I love good food.
64. I don't know how to put make up on.
65. I cook with recipe books in front of me.
66. I wear perfume all the time.
67. I want to live in Europe at some point in my life.
68. I think Snape will be redeemed in the last book.
69. I cringe when I hear my voice on the answering machine.
70. Even after 10 years, I sometimes still feel like an outsider when I get together with all my in-laws.
71. I don't think I'll ever wear a bikini.
72. I am very very temperature sensitive!
73. Rather than being good at a lot of things, I wish I were great in one thing.
74. I learnt to read when I was four.
75. I am a very patient teacher.
76. I hope my kids turn out to be very well behaved kids.
77. I got glasses when I was in 5th grade.
78. I am mistaken as Filipino, Indonesian, Latino and ofcourse Indian.
79. I want to drive a racing car someday.
80. I envy those who are always well groomed.
81. I stood fifth (among girls!! :-P) in HSC!
82. I am still scared shitless about natural childbirth.
83. I hardly ever swear.
84. I only got drunk once in my life. Even then I was able to drive two other passed out drunks home. So technically I probably wasn't drunk.
85. I have very small feet.
86. I love boardgames.
87. I used to have a Salma Hayek figure. Now I look like Homer Simpson. :-P
88. I would like to complete my Tintin collection this year and start on the Audrey Hepburn movie collection.
89. I have a cousin who had a huge crush on me for the longest time. I thought it was absolutely gross!
90. I hope and hope that the kids grow up as nice people.
91. I love wrapping gifts.
92. I can't wait to braid Zoya's hair.
93. I am anal about a lot of things. Other things, I couldn't care less.
94. I can not imagine what I would have done if we had lost Zoya.
95. I would have joined the "Mukti Bahini" if I were old enough in 1971.
96. I like driving stick shifts.
97. I have a high IQ, but most times you wouldn't know it.
98. Raffae is stronger than I am and he is 2 1/2!
99. I get embarassed by compliments.
100. I can't stand summer in Bangladesh anymore.
101. I am a good person.


Simika said...

whoa, lotsa similarities~ spooky! :D

heheeh i love ur 67 and 68 :D i am convinced europe is where I am meant to be, and snape HAS to be redeemed!

btw - thanks for the recipe - am planning on making it tomorrow! :D

Lula said...

I just realized I know nothing about you, we need to talk, hahaha