Tuesday, January 31

The love of my life

Scenario 1: Trying to select which pictures go up on pbase from Tanveer's brother's engagement party, I came across a picture of mine.
Me: "Oh my God! Look at my shoulders! I look like a quarterback!!!"
Tanveer: "Nah... You look like a linebacker".

Scenario 2: Couple of weeks ago I was sick as a dog. My throat was hurting like anything.
Me: "Baby, look! I think my throat glands are swollen!
Tanveer: "That's just your double chin".

Scenario 3: I was two days overdue with Raffae.
Me: "I look like a whale!!! :-("
Tanveer: "No you don't! You look like a baby whale! :-P"
May I remind/tell you all that Raffae was a 9 pounds 3 ounces baby and I am barely 5'2" tall!


Anonymous said...

hahahah these are hilarious!


vkn said...

You really made me LOL today :-) Keep writing, we are going to watch you. Cheers!

tanveer said...

hey I did not say linebacker, I said wide reciever. They are leaner.

Zeenat said...

Are you saying I pulled a "James Frey" on my post??!! :-P Hahahaha That was just so easy! I was waiting like George Costanza to use that line! ;-)

Zeenat said...

VKN, Thanks for stopping by! I love your blog!

Lula said...

Tanveer! You should know better buddy :) I still remember when I was pregnant with the boy and my hubby was measuring my tummy at 9 months preg. He thought it would be really funny to see how big my butt had gotten too so when he was getting ready to measure he said "what about your saddle bags also?" I so did not have saddle bags and I could have killed him.
You don't have big shoulders, just big boobs. You don't have a double chin and you were the cutest preggo I have ever seen!

Katie said...

Whoa honey, Raffae was NINE POUNDS THREE OUNCES! Dude. Ouch.

And at least your husband doesn't call you "Deformed Lady" like mine does! Those Bengali Boys are so nasty!

Zeenat said...

Katie, now you can guess the story behind my #82 on Zeenat 101 list! ;-)

Indira said...

LOL.. what a funny banter between you guys.

Not only you had to deliver a 9 pound baby, you had to go through fat jokes too.:)
Husbands, what do they know, anyway? except make jokes. :)