Thursday, January 26

Some random updates

  • My sister is reaching Toronto on Feb 9th! Yayyyyy!!!

  • I've become addicted to food blogs!! Doesn't bode well for my resolution of "eating well/healthier and finally loosing the pregnancy weight"

  • Raffae is just becoming too cute now that we can really communicate with him. He doesn't throw as much tantrums. Becoming very managable(!!). Those of you that know him know it is still a lot of work!

  • I don't have anything definite, but recently I just feel like Zoya is making a lot of progress. She babbles lot more (probably because she doen't have the pacifier in her mouth! She strictly gets it at night), she is becoming more and more active. No new dance moves recently though.

  • I so want that job I interviewed for!!! They are going to interview an internal applicant and then decide! I hate inernal applicants! I'm just trying to get my foot in the door, but this guy is alreay in! That is just not fair!

  • Next month, we will be celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary!!!! 9th!!!!

  • I don't think I can finish reading "Shalimar the Clown". Too slow!

  • I got a new laptop! I'll be downloading all the hindi/bangla songs I want on my iPod this weekend from questionable sites. I'm sure I'll be downloading some spyware too which would be driving Tanveer crazy! ;-)

  • I am very hungry! Arthur (our intern) better be here with the lunch soon! ;-)


Anonymous said...

You have your own intern ??

Katie said...

When is your anniversary? Our ninth anniversary is on February 20th!!!

Zeenat said...

Katie, we beat you by couple of days! Ours is on 14th Feb! No, we didn't do it because it was Valentine's day (though I have a suspicion that Tanveer wanted to make sure he doesn't forget our anniversary date!!:-P), we did it because it was a friday and since we were both still in school, it just better accomodated our schedule!

Katie said...

Ha ha! That's why we picked the 20th - it was Thursday but neither of us had Friday classes. Ahhh the practicality of it all.

By the way, I just saw the most GORGEOUS picture of you on Tanveer's link to the engagement party photos. Wow, you are a knockout! Who cares about pregnancy weight when you look like that!

Zeenat said...

hahaha!! Thanks Katie! Are you sure you were looking at my picture? I think this is the first time anyone has ever used the adjective "knockout" to describe me! :-P

Meena said...

Hi Zeenat!

Do drop by my food blog, "Hooked on Heat" for some chat and nibbles!

Nitu said...


Cool your anniversary is coming up...doing anything fun and fancy? I am craving for bengali food and want to dress up bengali...feel like havent done that in ages. But then again i never make it to the parties...i suck.