Wednesday, February 22

Syriana, a wounded chin and motherhood

When Batman came out, George Clooney's mother said he has the sexiest chin in hollywood. From then on, I always look at GC's chin first whenever I see him. However when we went to watch Syriana the other night, there was another chin on my mind - Raffae's.

He ran into the couch right when we were about to leave for the movie. Got a big cut on his chin and was crying. He is such a strong kid that usually when he gets hurt, he just gets up, says "oh sorry" and runs off. So when we hear him crying, we know he got really hurt and its bad!

We had already gotten the tickets, so we left him in my mother in laws capable hands and left for the movie. I was feeling really guilty about it. Then came Syriana. Heart wrenching, disturbing, thought provoking, tear jerking Syriana. Made me feel even more guilty about leaving Raffae behind after he got hurt. Also made me think what kind of a future is ahead for him, for his generation.


Lula said...

I hope his chin is feeling better. Now I am nervous to see that movie. I don't want to cry myself into cunvulsions.

Nitu said...

wow that's heavy. Syriana is not the movie to see when all of that is already on your mind...your last sentence especially made me think...the generation next...the world that is being molded for our children...hmmm...