Tuesday, March 14

Food Poisoning?! Heat Stroke? Migrane?

It's been nagging me that I haven't updated my blog for quite some time now. I figured what better time to update than when I am awake at 4:00 in the morning with my stomach churning while the rest of the world sleeps in peace?! :-P I've been busy. With this and that and what not. Today was my first day at FM. Loads of information was provided at Orientation. Hmmmm... I'm thinking whether I want to make you guys green with jealousy, since I am feeling quite green myself at the moment! Hold on.... while I make a quick visit to the bathroom.....

Alright, back for the time being. Here are couple of benefits I am excited about besides all the regular ones:
1) Assistance for buying a house (up to 7%). If I stay with FM for 5 years, the loan is forgiven! :-D (The 7%, not the mortgage!)
2) Flex hours. FM requires employees to be on premise from 10:00-3:00 and then I can do the rest of the 7.5 hours (yes you read it right, 7.5 hours, not 8!!) however I wish.
3) $250 per eye for Laser Vision Correction! I am not sure though if I am ready to part ways with my glasses. We've been together for ages!!

Alright I'll stop now. Other updates:

  • My mom is here!!

  • I finished reading "The Twentieth Wife". While it was a good read, it left me with an unsatisfied feeling. Lets put it this way: I am in no rush to read the sequel.

  • My sil moved her twins bday party to the following weekend. We are thinking about having a bday party for Raffae now since his bday is on a saturday! I am thinking the theme is going to be "Fun with Water"! Can't wait for hot July weather!

EEEEKKKK. It's 4:20! I have to be in training by 8:30! It's raining a little right now, which means the commute tomorrow morning is going to be horrible!! Maybe I should try laying down and see if I can sleep! Alright my friends, wish me luck! Talk to you soon.


Lula said...

Good luck! I am so glad you updated, I hadn't talked to you in so long. It sounds like FM is going great. I hope you feel better.

tanveer said...

Also, we joined a gym....