Sunday, March 19

The windy city

I'm enjoying FM so far. I was in Training all last week. Tomorrow, I fly out to Chicago to observe people working on the pilot project. Never been to Chicago before. I'll be there for two days only, so probably won't get much chance for sightseeing. But I do hear there's a mall right across the street from the hotel! :-D I would be going back couple more times in the next couple of months. So do let me know what I should definitely check out.


Katie said...

I'm going to Chicago on Thursday! But you'll probably be gone by then, right?

You should go to the Field Museum and the Shedd Aquarium if you get a chance. And if you like art, there's a great museum in Chicago. Navy Pier is also nice. Raffae and Zoya would love the Children's Museum if you ever get a chance to take them.

Lula said...

That sounds great, I hope you do have time to look around a little bit. How's the weather over there?