Monday, April 3

This day really needs to get better!

I flew out to Chicago again today. I took a 6:20 am flight which means I had to get up at 3:30 am! Well, I didn't get to bed till about 12:18 am last night cause both the kids woke up and we just couldn't get them down! So I am sleep deprived and my brain is not quite at the functioning level! I get out of the plane and don't see my co-worker. Usually we just meet up when we get to Chicago as we both try to nap on the plane to make up for the rude 3:30 wake up call! So after waiting for some time, I thought I might have missed him and I start walking towards Potbelly where we normally have breakfast. He isn't there either. Hmmm... Ok, I thought I'd just have breakfast and see if he shows up or what! In the middle of my breakfast, he calls me! He is not coming to Chicago till TOMORROW morning! He sent out an email over the weekend to our manager, but forgot to cc me on it! Ok, not a problem I said. I'll work with one of the contractors today. Oh wait, he says, ummm .... he (the contractor) is not going to be in Chicago till tomorrow either! Great! I am in Chicago, with nothing to do, but I still need to sit here till about 5:00! Just awsome!

I get out of the airport. It's windy as hell AND raining! Cab ride to work is slow. The fare is usually about $24/$25 and I had $30 out. I didn't realize that the meter was reading $29.65!! Before I could get any more money out, the cabbie starts yelling at me for not tipping him enough! I hastily took some more money out of my purse (standing in rain), gave it to him and asked him to pop the trunk so I could take my suitcase out. He says it's open, but I can't open it to save my life! (Standing in rain, don't forget!) After about half a minute, the trunk actually pops open. I get my suitcase out, spilling my coffee all over it! By this time, my new hair do it all drenched in rain! (I chopped my hair off this weekend. It's about ear length now. Will upload a pic on a good hair day)

Alright, so I manage to get into the office, set up my computer and call in for a weekly status meeting. Since my co-worker is not here, I guess I am the automatic representative for my team and when they called on me for status, I am raking my brain to find something intelligent! My first moment in the spotlight and I bungle it! Woohoo! Things can't get any worse! It will only get better.

After two back to back meetings, I go to the bathroom and my trouser button pops and one of the hooks is coming loose! I can't quite blame them! My bludder can only stretch/hold so much and it has been stretched to the limit today because of the 2.5 hour long meetings! I am just miserable by this time and I decide to have early lunch! ( Read: drown my sorrows with food! Dangerous habit!)

I feel like a roast beef sandwich. Here I am, ten minutes later, typing away at the computer, with my roast beef sandwich unwrapped next to me. Untouched. The meat is bright red! I feel like if I look away for a second, the sandwich would go "moooooooo"!!!! I am debating whether I want to eat it or not. It's definitely going to give me an upset stomach, whether I eat the meat or take it out! I just know it.....


Lula said...

Yeah, that sounds pretty crappy. I would have been screaming at the cab driver for not getting my bag out of the trunk. Why did he yell at you about a tip if he didn't even help you out.

Samiha Esha said...

Hello Zeenat Apu,

lots wishes for You and I really feel great that Being A mother of two cute adorable kids You still write blogs....its really fantastic.....keep it up and I really Like your Blog...its simply greaat.........take care....keep smile...bye bye...:)