Friday, September 28


If you take your life lessons from Bollywood - not only the concept of soulmate is true, you only ever fall in love with your soulmate. With your first sight of the person, you know this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and you would even die to be with this person.

According to Mills and Boon - your soulmate is ALWAYS good looking, charming, suave, intelligent, witty.

Science says soulmate is with whom you have the correct chemistry.

Bangladeshi culture says your parents know better who your soulmate is. (I know that's a huge generalization, but those of you that are from BD, know what I mean)

I don't believe in any of these alone. I think it is more a permutation and combination of all these. What are some of your thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

Are you reading one of those mushy novels?? I belive in having a soulmate...I also belive it can be your spouse or a friend. finding the right person is always hard, but once you find that person you better hold on to him/her.