Tuesday, October 2

To happy Beginnings

I was close to crying. My chest felt like it will explode anytime now from all the emotions raging inside me. Zoya’s teacher looked at me and asked “How is Mommy doing this morning?” I smiled a proud smile. Today was Zoya’s first day at pre-school.

We have come so far away from that day when we almost lost her. She has grown into a cute little girl who enjoys looking at picture books; loves to listen to music, and sing; enjoys going out; loves food; knows her alphabets, colors, shapes, numbers; loves to get tickled; loves her family. I know she will love this school also. Here is to happy beginnings Zoya. May you go farther in life then you can ever dream of, may you be happy in life doing whatever it is that you want to do. We will always be there for you with all our love and support.

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Simika said...

congratulations, zoya!!! I'm sure you'll be one the most popular kids in your class :)