Friday, October 19

A night of furious writing

I opened blogger to write a new post. Raffae saw the webpage, recognized it I guess and asked me to show him his birthday story! Then he wanted to write another story. He started telling me his story and before I knew it, he had three stories for me!

Something is missing in the house
By Raffae

Raffae, mommy, Zoya and nanu were missing in the house. They went to work. It's a ghost. There was a ghost in the house that said, "Boo!!!!!!". It had a dangerous teeth. It bite someone. It was a little ghost. Then he bite the little ghost. Then happily ever after. The end.

Raffae won the race
By Raffae
Raffae is driving the racing car. Then he raced, he raced, he raced, he raced, he raaaaaaaaaaaaaccccceeeeeeeeeeddd. The color of the car was red. Then I won the trophy.

Zoya story
Zoya was playing. Then she got a Zoya car. She loves it. She loosed it. Then she lost it. But the ghost ate it. Then it got broken. But, but, but he ate the doll. It doesn't have more batteries. The ghost ate the batteries. Then the batteries and the car and the doll went to the ghost's tummy. It was good for the ghost. Then Zoya got another car. She got another pink car. She loosed it again. The ghost ate it again. The end.

Conversation at this point:
Tanveer: How about a papa story?
Raffae: No we are doing kids story
Me: So Raffae what is your next story about?
Raffae: How about a story about a blue car?
Me: We did a car story already
Raffae: How about a purple car story?
Tanveer and me together: No more car stories.
Raffae: (really excited) How about a truck story! I love that truck story.

So here's the truck story!

The truck was going. Then there was a kid. His name was Raffae. Raffae was driving a truck. Then the truck went faster and faster. The end.

I love these evenings! Before I know it, they will be all grown up and gone to college!

(The stories are typed just as the author dictates them. No corrections have been made.)


Simika said...

an author in the making :) aww

Jillian said...

You are so lucky to have a son who takes care of that horrible little ghost in your house. How dare he eat all the batteries.