Saturday, December 22

I'm Spanish

We went to an indian restaurant for dinner the other day. Below is a conversation that happend in there:
Raffae: Look mommy, indian people! (He was pointing to a painting on the wall)
Me: Yes Raffae. You are indian too! Actually you are Bangladeshi.
Raffae: No!!!!! I am English!
Me: No Raffae. You are from Bangladesh too just like mommy and daddy.
Raffae: You are not from Bangladesh!
Me: I am!
Raffae: No you are not!
Me: What do you think I am, Raffae?
Raffae: You are spanish.

If my own son thinks I am Spanish, I must be. I am also worried about my parenting skills! Is he too young to understand all these (He is 4) or am I not teaching him enough about his ethnicity?

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