Friday, November 21

No more sad endings

I have come to the conclusion that I don't ever want to watch a romantic movie that has a sad ending! I watched "Mr. and Mrs. Iyer" last night. If you haven't watched the movie yet, stop reading here. Major spoilers ahead. Why the hell couldn't she go with him? She should have just gone off to the jungle with him and had dinner with him under the moonlight while getting bitten by the mosquitos! AND she would have been happier! Who cares that there is no running water? Who gives a damn that they are from different religions? After all, they are not real! Its only a movie! Just make the audience happy!!!!!!!!!!

Same goes for "Lust, Caution". Its only a movie people! Just let the general save the poor girl and let her wear her quail diamond ring and her nice clothes and let her lust after him. Done. everyone is happy. What's so hard to understand with this concept?

I think I am going to watch more hindi movies from now on. 100% guaratee that the guy is going to get the girl, no matter how many twists there are in the plotline. One movie gives you romance, action, suspense: what more do you want??!!


Simika said...

hahahaahah welcoem to my world :) i LOVE mr& Mrs. Iyer but man would i have chosen differently! :D

Tazzy said...

no way really girls?!

But thats the perfect ending for Mr and Mrs Iyer! :)

hmm..must be my love for sad endings :P

Simika said...

i do love the movie, and I do think the ending was perfect - however, i also like to think *I* would have chosen differently. DOes taht make sense?:)

Anyway, given how I'm chicken shit I'd probably just lust and sigh after him for the rest of my life:)